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The grapes are hand picked in early May. Casablanca enjoys a cool, coastal climate with permanent humidity and average temperatures of 25°C in summer and 14°C in winter. There are no aquifers, so the necessary irrigation is provided. Soils have evolved and vary from black clay, to coarse yellow sand. The grapes were picked into 400-kg bins and transported to the cellar for immediate chilling. Then, they underwent a selection process on conveyor belts that led to a bladder press for direct pressing. The must was decanted, and racked to stainless steel tanks and oak barrels, correcting the turbidity to 150 NTU. The alcoholic fermentation starts with selected yeasts. After the fermentation process was complete, the fine lees were stirred (battonage) for better contact with the wine. Prior to bottling, the wine was fined with adjusted doses of bentonite and cold stabilized to prevent future precipitations. Finally, it was filtered with diatomaceous earth and with 1- and 0.65-micron cartridges. Aging: 6 months, 60% in stainless steel tanks and 40% in French oak barrels.


Tasting notes

Pale yellow in colour with a nose of basil oil and apricots. Honey, white peach on the palate and finishes generous, varietal, yet fresh.

Novas Gran Reserva Viognier, Casablanca (Organic) 2022

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